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PHP / Javascript检查是否在特定的iframe中运行[重复]

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Is there a way to check in either PHP or Javascript (preferrable PHP), if the current page is running in an iFrame on a specific page. So, I'd like something like this:

    //go on with script

Is this possible?

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    doukuanghuan7582 doukuanghuan7582 2013-05-07 21:04

    To know if the page is in an iFrame, you can use this:

    if (window!=window.top) { /* iframe */ }

    So it's just a matter of checking with window.top.location.hostname (just the domain, not entire URl. For entire URL is .href)

    if (window!=window.top) {
        if(window.top.location.hostname = "www.myAwesomeWebsite.com" || window.top.location.hostname = "myAwesomeWebsite.com" ){
            /* code if domain is myAwesomeWebsite.com or www.myAwesomeWebsite.com  */
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  • duanmeng9336 duanmeng9336 2013-05-07 21:03

    Part of this question has been answered before:

    if (parent==top) { // ...

    With regard to the PHP part - no, this is not possible, however you could always use the JavaScript check to fire off an Ajax request to dynamically load in the content you want.

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