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Use case: I want to store the search query and the total number of results to the db so I can see what people are searching for that doesn't exist in my application.

What is working: I'm able to get and store the query, but I can't figure out how to get the total number of results for the search.

Here is the code sample from the Controller. When I try this currently, I get the following

error:Catchable Fatal Error: Object of class Knp\Bundle\PaginatorBundle\Pagination\SlidingPagination could not be converted to string

I've tried treating $pagination like an array, by requesting $pagination[totalCount], but that just returned null.

 public function fpcAction(Request $request)

            $query = dump($request->query->get('q'));

            $finder = $this->container->get('');
            $page = $request->query->getInt('page', 1);

            $paginator = $this->get('knp_paginator');
            $results = $finder->createPaginatorAdapter($query);
            $pagination = $paginator->paginate($results, $page, 12);

            $searchmetrics = new SearchTerms();

            // TODO: Need to get the total qty of search results for this specific query

            $entityManager = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager();

            return $this->render('default/search.html.twig', ['searchresults' => $pagination, 'query' => $query]);


Here is a dump of the variable as it outputs on the twig template:

 "searchresults" => SlidingPagination {#1028 ▼
    -route: "search"
    -params: array:1 [▶]
    -pageRange: 5
    -template: "@KnpPaginator/Pagination/sliding.html.twig"
    -sortableTemplate: "@KnpPaginator/Pagination/sortable_link.html.twig"
    -filtrationTemplate: "@KnpPaginator/Pagination/filtration.html.twig"
    #currentPageNumber: 1
    #numItemsPerPage: 12
    #items: array:12 [▶]
    #totalCount: 8104
    #paginatorOptions: array:6 [▶]
    #customParameters: []
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