2014-03-30 22:20
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php5.5 FreeBSD端口apache模块

I have an issue with lang/php5(5) FreeBSD 10 port. I need to build it with apache module, but i don't see this option in configure section. It offers only cli, cgi and fpm version, though I strictly remember that I have already built php5 with this module. Both lang/php5 and lang/php55 have this problem. Port collection is fresh (from 31 March). I cannot run my apache without php.

P.S. My installed apache version is 2.4.

lang/php5 port configure screenshot

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我的lang / php5(5)FreeBSD 10端口有问题。 我需要用apache模块构建它 ,但我没有在配置部分看到此选项。 它只提供cli,cgi和fpm版本,但我严格记得我已经用这个模块构建了php5。 lang / php5和lang / php55都有这个问题。 端口集合是新鲜的(从3月31日开始)。 如果没有php,我无法运行我的apache。

P.S。 我安装的apache版本是2.4。

lang / php5 port configure 截图

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