2013-06-11 17:27
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通过PHP SoapClient解析WSDL

I'm trying to connect to Dynamics CRM via PHP. PHPs inbuilt SoapClient parses the WSDL successfully but I want/need to be able to look at some of the tags in the WSDL and extract information from it.

My question is thus:

Is there a clever way to extract and re-parse the WSDL via the inbuilt SOAP Client?

I could obviously use SimpleXML / DomDocument / Curl libraries to parse the WSDL but then I'd have to re-write functionality such as processing namespace imports which I'm trying to avoid.

Any help / suggestions even if it is that parsing without SoapClient is the best solution would be greatly appreciated.

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我正在尝试通过PHP连接到Dynamics CRM。 PHP内置的SoapClient成功解析了WSDL,但我希望/需要能够查看WSDL中的一些标记并从中提取信息。</ p>

我的问题是:</ p >

是否有一种通过内置SOAP客户端提取和重新解析WSDL的聪明方法?</ em> </ p>

我显然可以使用SimpleXML / DomDocument / Curl库来解析WSDL,但后来我必须重新编写功能,例如处理名称空间导入,我正在努力避免。</ p>

任何帮助/建议,即使 没有SoapClient的解析是最好的解决方案,将非常感激。</ p> </ div>

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