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I am building an array in JS as such:

       var slots = {}; 

                $(".taken").each(function(item) {

                    var key = $(this).attr("id");
                    slots[key] = "<?php echo $_SESSION['alias']; ?>";


                var json = JSON.stringify(slots);
                var date = "<?php echo $_GET['date']; ?>"
                type: "POST",
                     url: "controllers/dutyupdate2.php",
                    data:{ array : json, date:  date },
                success : function(response){
                        console.log (response)
                    }//end success
                });//end ajax

In my PHP script I am posting to, I need to decode it to match the following format:

array( 'D1P'=>"JohnC" , 'D6E' => "JohnC")

I get:

    [D2E] => JohnC
    [D6E] => JohnC
    [D3BU] => JohnC

No matter how I decode the array, I get an indexed array with my key as the index. Am I building the array incorrectly in the JS code or decoding incorrectly?

Thanks in advance

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    douweihui0178 douweihui0178 2013-02-14 16:05

    This is the format you want, just displayed differently. See this PHP code to verify

    $a = array( 'D1P'=>"JohnC" , 'D6E' => "JohnC");

    this gives

        [D1P] => JohnC
        [D6E] => JohnC

    as output. So, there's no need to try or search anything different.

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