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I am writing a Drupal 7 module that queries my db and prints out a view_block with a list of projects belonging to the current logged user:

ID ClientName ProjectName ProjectDescription
 1     mickey       toon1        bla bla bla
 2      mouse       toon2        bla bla bla

At this point, I need the user to select one of his projects to proceed to visualization.


what I need to do is to call another function in my module and pass it the ID for the project selected by the current user.

I know how to add a link to every row in the table and bring the ID value with me to the next page, using GET['id'] to retrieve it, but I really don't want to change the url for security reasons - namely, I don't want users to change the ID in the url and see other people's projects, nor prevent it to happen. I prefer to keep url clean as much as possible.

What is in Drupal 7 the right logic to allow the user select one project and then call another function in my module to load data according to the selected ID?

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我正在编写一个Drupal 7模块,用于查询我的数据库并打印出一个view_block,其中列出了属于 当前登录的用户:

  ID ClientName ProjectName ProjectDescription 
 1 mickey toon1 bla bla bla 
 2 mouse toon2 bla bla bla 




我知道如何添加链接 到表中的每一行并将ID值带到下一页,使用GET ['id']来检索它,但出于安全原因我真的不想更改url - 即我不知道 希望用户更改网址中的ID并查看其他人的项目,也不要阻止其发生。 我更喜欢尽可能保持网址清洁。

Drupal 7中的正确逻辑允许用户选择一个项目,然后调用模块中的另一个函数来加载数据。 选定的ID?

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  • duannai5858
    duannai5858 2017-10-17 08:55

    I would implement an hook_menu. With this solution you need to pass the Id of the project in the url, but an hook menu allow you to define 2 functions. The access function will check if the user has access to the project, the callback function will retrieve the project and show the project details.

    This is a simple example of how I would implement it:

     * Implements hook_menu().
    function my_module_menu() {
        $items['my_module/show_project_detail/%'] = array(
            'title' => 'Show Task Detail',
            'access callback' => 'show_project_access',
            'access arguments' => array(1),
            'title callback' => false,
            'page callback' => 'show_project',
            'page arguments' => array(1),
        return $items;
    function show_project_access( $sProjectId ){
        // checks if the user has access to $sProjectId.
        // returns true if he has access, otherwise returns false
    function show_project( $sProjectId ){
        //returns the html of the task's detail view

    Then to call the hook_menu you will call this url https://my_drupal/my_module/show_project_detail/123 where 123 is the project Id.

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