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I've been searching the web and reading manuals and I just can't seem to get my head around what is wrong with my Docker setup.

The Goal

To container-ize Apache, PHP and MySQL allowing them to be customized on a per-project basis. The only dependency to deploy the stack should be docker. All other dependencies / actions should be able to be able to be built / run via Dockerfile.

The Proof of Concept

From my Apache + MySQL + PHP stack via docker-compose.yml file - I'd like to target an index.php page to successfully render Hello Docker! along with a list of all available databases.

The Problem

When I visit docker.dev/index.php in my browser, rather than the PHP code running, I can only view the PHP source code. This is what I see:


 * This file:
 *     Has not been tested
 *     Does not use prepared statements
 *     Is for Proof of Concept only!

$host = '';
$user = 'root';
$pass = 'docker';

$conn = new mysqli($host, $user, $pass);

$sql = 'show databases';
$results = $conn->query($sql);


<h1>Hello Docker!</h1>

    <?php while ($row = $results->fetch_assoc()) : ?>
        <li><?= $row['Database'] ?></li>
    <?php endwhile ?>

My understanding (which may be mistaken) is that Apache is correctly handling the virtual host, but doesn't know to load the PHP file through an Apache PHP Module.

I have setup Apache to depends_on PHP and I have linked them through a network (along with MySQL) but obviously I'm missing something or else everything would be working just as I want it to).

I have created an repo on github that should allow you to test my setup with a few simple commands:

git clone https://github.com/dambrogia/docker-testing.git
cd docker-testing
docker-compose up -d

You will also have to edit add docker.dev to in your hosts file on your host machine!

How can I render the PHP rather than read the source of it when I visit docker.dev/index.php?

I do not want to use a PHP and Apache combined image if at all possible. I would like to have three separate containers - PHP, Apache, MySQL.

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  • duanputian5341 2017-11-04 05:39

    I solved this question and created a repo for anyone who is interested a more in depth explanation or proof of concept.

    Please see my repo: https://github.com/dambrogia/docker-testing

    TL; DR

    The approach I used to solve this was proxying all apache requests to any .php files to PHP-FPM via fcgi://php:9000. Port 9000 is the default

    You can see this Apache setting in action here.

    The /var/www/html/$1 portion of the setting is where the files are mapped within the PHP container.

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