2011-04-30 22:03
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I have a multi-part form that will use PHP for the server side database insertion. The form needs to be validated, and I intend to use JQuery Validate to display one icon if the section validates, and another if the section does not.

I'm aware of the use of collapsible panels or DIVs. However, I need to use this same collapsible effect inside my form. How can this be achieved either via JQuery or another client side library?

Thanks much!!

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我有一个多部分表单,它将使用PHP进行服务器端数据库插入。 表单需要验证,我打算使用JQuery Validate在部分验证时显示一个图标,如果部分不验证则使用另一个图标。

我知道使用 可折叠面板或DIV。 但是,我需要在表单中使用相同的可折叠效果。 如何通过JQuery或其他客户端库实现这一目标?


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  • dourui9570 2011-04-30 22:13

    Since you're at the point to decide what framework to use you may check the collapsible forms by ExtJS framework, it may give you some initial idea.


    @SidC: OK, if you're going with JQuery, you'll better not to mess up with Ext. Don't see much pain to implement if from zero using JQuery::Accordion plugin plus the JQuery::DIALOG. And check this feed

    JQuery Accordion: how to embedded it into a dialog box?

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