2016-05-24 19:23
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Android | PHP | MySql - 将表情符号从Android保存到Mysql服务器

How can I send text with emoji from Android app to server and save it correctly in MySql database?

In Android app I've pass some parametres with post method to php server, then I save it in to MySql database. But I've 2 problems with emoji

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  • dtjbcda841554
    dtjbcda841554 2016-05-24 19:32

    You can use StringEscapeUtils Apache Library

    For saving the unicodes in database you have to encode them. So send your unicodes to server by encoding like

    StringEscapeUtils.escapeJava(/* string message*/)

    For displaying the encoded unicode in android

    StringEscapeUtils.unescapeJava(/* string message*/)
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