2013-03-18 10:33
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I actually have a list of 100,000 records which I'd like to insert into the MySQL database.

I have tried to insert them with foreach and simple INSERT INTO however it took a lot of time to insert even 100 row. Like 1 second / row.

IS there any method to insert these rows much faster?


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  • 如何尽快将2000万条记录插入MySql数据库 4 answers </ span> </ li> </ ul> </ div>

    I 实际上有一个100,000条记录的列表,我想插入MySQL数据库。</ p>

    我试图用 foreach </ code>和简单的插入它们 INSERT INTO </ code>然而,插入甚至100行需要花费大量时间。 像1秒/行一样。</ p>

    是否有任何方法可以更快地插入这些行?</ p> </ div>

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