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$ _SERVER ['PHP_SELF'] -Xampp错误

<h1>NewsLetter Registration Time! </h1>
<form action='$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]' method='post'>
Enter the username to be added:
<input type="text" id="nt1" name="username"/>
Enter the corresponding email-id to be added:
<input type="text" id="nt1" name="email_id"/>
<input type="submit"/>


    echo "<h1 style='color:red;'> Entering Data..... </h1>";
or die("didn't work");

mysqli_query($database,"INSERT INTO userdetails (username,password)VALUES ($_POST[username],$_POST[email_id])");

echo "<h3 style='color:red;'> Check the database..... </h3>";


I am not able to access Database using $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] but the code works if I use some other php script in action. Is this a problem with xampp?

Error:enter image description here

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