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I'm using a jquery plugin, it maskered my field and allow the user only to type the correct values. It is working very well, but now when I submit my form, the object IP is an Array, I need to retrieve only the IP number (

The result:

$ip = $_POST['ipaddress'];

//It returns to me
Array ( [abcd] => Array ( [0] => ) ) 

I need implode the Array or do something on this way.. help please.!

The Whole Code:

HTML Page jQuery plugins included:

<script src="scripts/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript">
<script src="jquery.validate/jquery.caret.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="jquery.validate/jquery.ipaddress.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


<form name="form1" method="post" action="equipAction.php">
  <td><input name="ipaddress[abcd][]" id="ip" type="text" value="<?=$ip;?>" />
  <b>»» IP atribuído ao contrato do Cliente/Torre </b> </td>    
 <input type='submit' name="alt" value="Edit" class="btn" />

Now my Action php code:

 if ($_POST["alt"] == "Edit") {

    # Dados do form
    $idequip  = $_GET['id'];
    $contrato = $_POST['contrato'];
    $transmi  = $_POST['transmissor'];
    $ip       = $_POST['ipaddress'];
    $local    = $_POST['local']; //tipo_equip
    $obs      = $_POST['obs'];
    $usado    = $_POST['usado'];

    echo "<br />";

    # Atualiza dados do equipamento mestre
    # desenvolvendo
    $res = mysql_query("UPDATE equipment SET idtorre='$transmi', ip='$ip', tipo_equip='$local', obs='$obs', usado_cliente='$usado' WHERE id='$idequip'") or die("Erro na query: atualização equipamento mestre.");
    #header("Location: equipamento_adm.php?return=3&ip=$control");

That all!

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  • dqhsv0147421 dqhsv0147421 10年前

    It a simple multidimensional array, you can retrieve your value like this :

    $ip = $_POST['ipaddress'];    
    $justip = $ip['abcd'][0];

    Now there's only the ip address in the $justip variable.

    You should maybe read the documentation about arrays :

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  • dongluo9156 dongluo9156 10年前

    By the way, if you switch from

    <input name="ipaddress[abcd][]" id="ip" type="text" value="<?=$ip;?>" />


    <input name="ipaddress[abcd]" id="ip" type="text" value="<?=$ip;?>" />

    you will get rid of the array (notice the removed [] from the input's name attribute).

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  • doumao6048 doumao6048 10年前

    How many forms are on this page?

    The reason that it's showing up in an array and not in $_POST['ipaddress'] is this: <input name="ipaddress[abcd][]" id="ip" type="text" value="<?=$ip;?>" /> in the form html. The [abcd][] causes it to make ipaddress an array containing an array with a key of 'abcd' of which the first available key gets populated with the value from the form. If you did <input name="ipaddress" id="ip" type="text" value="<?=$ip;?>" /> then the IP address would be available directly through $_POST['ipaddress'].

    If you have multiple forms, then use name="ipaddress[]" and each form will populate a key of the $_POST['ipaddress'] array, so $_POST['ipaddress'][0] will be the first form and $_POST['ipaddress'][1] will be the second form and so on.

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