2010-08-11 22:00
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将KML文件上传到数据库并显示在OpenLayers Map上

I want to create a simple form on my wordpress site so that people can upload KML files which will then be stored in the db and the route shown on on openlayers map - openstreetmap.

The project is for a hiking site for storing hiking routes.

Any docs for this/ forums / advice. I'm completely new to this map stuff.



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我想在wordpress网站上创建一个简单的表单,以便人们可以上传KML文件,然后将其存储在 openlayers地图上显示的数据库和路由 - openstreetmap。


此/论坛/建议的任何文件。 我是这个地图的新手。



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  • duangutang3940 2010-08-25 13:31

    Here is an example of an openstreetmap with a kml overlay done in openstreetmap: http://maps.burningsilicon.net/

    Before working through this example, I recommend to read some introductory documentation on openlayers, since its inner workings are not always trivial to understand.

    Don't forget to put some restrictions on the uploaded kml files. You should either limit the size and/or the number of nodes, since the huge kml files generated by gps trackers can easily bog the browser down. Alternatively, you can also simplify the uploaded kml files with gpsbabel (http://www.gpsbabel.org/).

    If this sounds too complicated to you, Google Maps might be an option.

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