2016-04-01 21:24



rename() runs fine from the command line, but when run from cron job, the rename() does not. Since the connect.php file works I assume the cron job is in the right directory, but can't figure out why rename() doesn't work. I tried absolute paths and they didn't work:

include 'connect.php';


The cron job: * * * * * /usr/bin/php /usr/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx.php -q -f

I have no root access to the server. Should this be run through a SHELL script?

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  • dongyi6668 dongyi6668 5年前

    The current path while a cron execution is the home directory of the user which is running the cron process. See also this post.

    Just change the relative path to an absolute and the issue is fixed.

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  • dscojuxf69080 dscojuxf69080 5年前

    The solution, not directly a directory issue (well sort of): $oldlocation='xxx/xxx/'.$oldfilename; has to be changed to: $oldlocation='/xxx/xxx/'.$oldfilename; I guess I was missing the first /

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