2010-01-30 00:13
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将ADFS 2.0与非.NET服务一起使用

I am looking at ways to tie together a number of Windows-based web services together under single-sign-on. Microsoft's Windows Identity Framework and ADFS 2.0 are the perfect tools for the job, except that not all of our web services are written in .NET. One is classic ASP and another PHP. Are there existing libraries that will work for those platforms, or will I need to build them from scratch?

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我正在寻找在单点登录下将多个基于Windows的Web服务捆绑在一起的方法。 微软的Windows身份框架和ADFS 2.0是完美的工具,除了并非所有的Web服务都是用.NET编写的。 一个是经典ASP和另一个PHP。 是否存在可用于这些平台的现有库,还是需要从头开始构建它们?</ p> </ div>

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