2017-07-05 11:44
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yii2 dataprovider获取所有过滤后的数据

I have grid view of student table when I filter table, for that instant I can get filter data by giving following


This $allData contains filtered data. If I have 50 records, when I filter them I get 30 records, but this $allData shows only 20 records due to pagination limit 20. so How do I get all my 30 filtered records into a variable as well as pagination? if I set pagination size =0, then I will get all data, but I want pagination too.

So, how do I solve this?

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  • douyuan1049 2017-07-05 11:52

    If youre using DataProvider, you have $query as well. So using:

    $models = $query->all();

    will return all filtered models, and DataProvider will still have pagination.

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