2014-08-05 07:31
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I have the following structure for my application:

myapp/index.php: index page
myapp/mycont/myfunc/productID: dedicated page for product

index.php has links that open up myapp/mycont/myfunc/productID

Hence, the controller functions are defined as:

index() {...}
myfunc($id) {...}

As, both my functions are almost same I wanted to remove the myfunc() function and change the URLs as:

myapp/: index page
myapp/productID: dedicated page for product

Both the above URLs should use index() function, but the index function throws error if I try to pass parameters to it.

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  myapp  /index.php:索引页
myapp / mycont / myfunc / productID:产品的专用页

index.php 有链接 打开 myapp / mycont / myfunc / productID


myfunc($ id){...} 

因为,我的两个函数几乎相同,我想删除< code> myfunc()函数并将URL更改为:

  myapp /:index page 
myapp / productID:product 

上述两个URL都应该使用 index()函数,但如果我尝试将参数传递给它,则索引函数会抛出错误。

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  • douwang6635 2014-08-05 08:00

    Pass parameter to index function in CI:

    1) You need the index segment
    2) Or you need to use a route $route['search/(:any)'] = 'search/index/$1';
    3) Or try remap:

    Edit (sample):

    $route['abc/campaigns/add_webengage_feedback_leads'] = "abc/campaigns/add_webengage_feedback_leads";
    $route['abc/campaigns/add_webengage_survey_leads'] = "abc/campaigns/add_webengage_survey_leads";
    $route['abc/campaigns/add_canvass_data'] = "abc/campaigns/add_canvass_data";
    $route['abc/campaigns/add_connecto_data'] = "abc/campaigns/add_connecto_data";
    $route['abc/campaigns/(:any)'] = "abc/campaigns/index/$1";

    Note: The URL mapping to the index function should be last.

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  • dougan5772 2014-08-05 07:37

    Assuming that you have removed the index.php from your URL, you can go by this flow,

    function index(){
        if( $this->uri->segment(3) ){     //if an product id is set
            $id = $this->uri->segment(3); //this is the product id in third segment of URL
        }else{                            //display the normal index page
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