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I am building a site through WordPress and coded in my own bulk email. I used a plugin to ensure that emails are sent authentically through my gmail account. I use wp_mail to trigger the email.

My first strategy was to send to: myself and bcc: everyone. This gave a gmail error for too many recipients.

Then, I split the email into chunks of 49, and it worked well. Now, I’m creating an unsubscribe link and I realized that I have no way to include the recipients email address in the email because it’s the same email bcc’d to 50 people.

What is the best approach to solve this problem? Can I send to: hundreds of people without gmail getting upset at me?

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我正在通过WordPress构建一个网站,并在我自己的批量电子邮件中编码。 我使用插件来确保通过我的Gmail帐户真实地发送电子邮件。 我使用wp_mail来触发电子邮件。

我的第一个策略是发送给:我自己和密送:每个人。 这给了太多收件人一个gmail错误。

然后,我将电子邮件拆分为49个块,它运行良好。 现在,我正在创建一个取消订阅链接,我意识到我无法在电子邮件中包含收件人的电子邮件地址,因为这是与50人相同的电子邮件地址。

是解决这个问题的最佳方法吗? 我可以发送给:数百名没有gmail的人对我感到不安吗?

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