2016-09-01 17:51
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I have an array

//dynamically generated. dynamic number of elements
$keywords = ['google', 'youlense'];

For a exactly matching values of $keywork mapping to row in content column, i can do following:

$result = \App\Table::where(function($query){
    $query->whereIn('content', $keywords);

and the result would be somewhat

select * from tables where content IN ('google', 'youlense');

but I want to use LIKE operator so the result may be like

select * from tables where content LIKE ('%google%', '%youlense%');

I know that is not allowed in mysql but can some one recommend a simple and clean technique to handle this

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  • donglin5770 2016-09-01 18:10

    You can simply use orWhere method for every keyword and it will equivalent for whereIn. The code will look like:

    $result = \App\Table::where(function($query){
        $query->orWhere('content', 'LIKE', '%google%')
              ->orWhere('content', 'LIKE', '%youlense%')
              -> and so on;
    $result = \App\Table::where(function($query) use($keywords){
        foreach($keywords as $keyword) {
            $query->orWhere('content', 'LIKE', "%$keywords%")

    Note: gotten query can work very slowly.

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  • doushichi3678 2016-09-01 18:22

    You can write a function that will basically do the following :

    public function searchByKeywords(array $keywords = array()){
        $result = \App\Table::where(function($query) use ($keywords){
             foreach($keywords as $keyword){
                  $query = $query->orWhere('content', 'LIKE', "%$keyword%");
             return $query;
        return $result->get(); // at this line the query will be executed only
                               // after it was built in the last few lines
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