dqj5046 2015-07-27 16:53
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I'm trying to "remove" the thread of my application when the pagination is used.

So I have a thread and the URL to that tread is http://localhost/rebelbb/Thread-test. When I want to Go to paginate so http://localhost/rebelbb/Thread-test?page=2 Then It needs to hide the thread. What I got now:

@if(Request::url() == Config::get('app.url').'/Thread-'.$threads->title)

But that doesn't work...

So anyone who has an tip?

How am I be able to hide the topic when the URL isn't http://localhost/rebelbb/Thread-test or http://localhost/rebelbb/Thread-test?page=1 ?

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  • dsjklb0205 2015-07-27 17:03

    You can check in the view if there is page parameter set by using:


    or you can check if the page is not the first one by doing:

    @if(Request::get('page', 1) != 1)
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