2017-08-25 16:50

使用uuid Json的PHP MYSQL链接数组


First of all, I'm happy to see people helping people here :D.

I got also a small issue sadly,

DB 1 contains: UUID and much values.

DB 2 contains: UUID and again many other values.

what I want is

[0] => Array
            [UUID] => 96
            [DB1 values]
            [DB2 values] 

i thought that will work with array_combine but that isn't true sadly because then i miss some db1 values

here database images:

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  • dtc4547 dtc4547 4年前

    --EDIT-- Your picture helped. You can handle that at the SQL Level

    SELECT Login.*, Location.*
    FROM Login
    LEFT JOIN Location ON Login.UUID=Location.UUID

    Then the resulting data in PHP will already be correctly formatted. Notice that I chose table Login to drive the query, could have also chosen the Location table. depends on the underlying structure

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