2012-12-03 02:02

使用xampp / php无法使用memcache工作


Im on Windows 7, 64/bit running xampp v3.1. The php version is 5.4, Im trying to install memcache locally on the box so I can use memcache with php. I have searched google and followed directions about installing memcached.exe as a service, then downloading the memcache dll extension file for php and putting it into the ext folder under the php folder. I then add it to the php.ini folder, restart apache and memcache does not show up when running phpinfo() and when I try to run memcache via php it tells me this function does not exist. Can anyone help me figure this out? I verified the service is up and running, I tried different versions of the dll php extension file but still same issue. Any suggestions? Here is one site I used for instructions on installing memcache:


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  • dounianxie2058 dounianxie2058 9年前

    Looks like I grabbed the incorrect version of memcache for php. You must grab the correct memcache dll file for the php version you are using. I found the correct download here:


    It has the correct php version, 5.4 and its thread safe. Once I downloaded it, extracted the dll and put into php extension folder and restarted xampp/apache, it now works.

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  • douqianrou9079 douqianrou9079 9年前

    There must be some error logged into your apache logs. What is the error?

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