2018-04-06 11:01
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When I try localhost/myfiles opens just file list but i need those files to run. How can i run all xxxx.php at the same time? For exmple: I have a folder my files and it contains: a.php, b.php,c.php, so how run a,b and c files together?

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当我尝试localhost / myfiles打开文件列表但我需要运行这些文件。 我怎样才能同时运行所有xxxx.php? 例如:我有一个文件夹我的文件,它包含:a.php,b.php,c.php,那么如何一起运行a,b和c文件?

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  • dtcaw02086 2018-04-06 11:22

    You can create a PHP file like main.php on a directory and then use the statement include and attach your files to it

    for example:

    include 'a.php';
    include 'b.php';
    include 'c.php';

    type on browser

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