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I am trying to achieve a simple insert into a pivot table but I cannot understand the principle why it does not work.

I have a Languages table which contains an id, name and code populated with languages. And I have a users table populated with users. The middle table is users_languages which has the columns user_id and and language_id.

My request has something like this

   "languages": [1, 2] -> language ids

My languages method into the Users model looks like this:

public function language() : BelongsToMany
    return $this
        ->belongsToMany(Language::class, 'users_languages')
        ->withPivot('user_id', 'language_id');

I am trying to add the languages like this:

public function setLanguages(array $languages) : self

    return $this;

The result I get is actually the its trying to create a new entry into the Languages table instead of just making a connection between the user_id and language_id.

I was looking through the documentation and some articles how this works but I none of the solutions I found worked. I am using Lumen 5.5 for my project. Thank you in advance for your help!

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