douyue8685 2012-12-16 18:08
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I read the docs and installed lithium exactly like they have explained but I keep on getting a 403 forbidden error. I am new to apache and php and I have been spending two full days trying to make lithium work. I am running apache 2.0 on osx lion and here is what I did:

1- I created a new directory called my_app in localhost/~marwan/

2- I extracted the sample lithium app in to that directory.

3- I downloaded the lithium framework and extracted it into /libraries/lithium/

When I access http://localhost/~marwan/my_app/ I get the following 403 error:

You don't have permission to access /~marwan/mj/ on this server.

I have researched and added Options +FollowSymLinks to the .htaccess file and the error changed to:

You don't have permission to access /Users/marwan/Sites/my_app/app/webroot/webroot/ on this server.

I have tried to add Options +FollowSymLinks to every .htaccess file but nothing changed.

I dont know if this is relevant: websites on localhost/~marwan/ work but localhost also shows a 403 error. I tried to fiddle with different permissions posted in previous answers but with no luck.

Thank you for your help.

httpd.conf file is here

Edit: httpd-userdir.conf is here httpd-vhosts.conf is here


The lithium project works when I remove the .htaccess from the main folder but it doesnt work properly because rewriting doesnt work. Here is the .htacces in the project root

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  • dtyrxmoj20617 2012-12-30 19:24

    I looked at the error log after restarting apache and found DocumentRoot [/usr/docs/] does not exist so I fixed it by using this answer… and now it works.

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