douling6469 2009-05-22 12:14
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通过$ _GET注册位置标头的php安全性

I've got this code on my page:

header("Location: $page");

$page is passed to the script as a GET variable, do I need any security? (if so what)

I was going to just use addslashes() but that would stuff up the URL...

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  • dongshushi5579 2009-05-22 12:21

    I could forward your users anywhere I like if I get them to click a link, which is definitely a big security flaw (Please login on Now think of a scenario where looks exactly like your site, except that it catches your user's credentials.

    You're better off defining a $urls array in your code and passing only the index to an entry in that array, for example:

    $urls = array(
        'pageName1' => '/link/to/page/number/1',
        'pageNumber2' => '/link/to/page/number/2',
        'fancyPageName3' => '/link/to/page/number/3',
    # Now your URL can look like this:
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