2018-04-09 09:40
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I have insert iframe value into my database using php. I need to display the inserted value in a textbox in another page. But while displaying the data it only displays the value till the first " in the iframe.

my code

<label>Location</label>  <input type="text" style="resize:vertical" class="md-input" name="locationmap"  class="md-input" value="<?php echo $comp_row['comp_locationmap']?>">
            <i class="glyphicon glyphicon-pushpin form-control-feedback glyphiconalign"></i> </div>

The output textbox only displays "<iframe src= "

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  • duanpai9945 2018-04-09 09:43

    you need to escape the special characters!

    you can do this by using htmlspecialchars() to convert only special characters to HTML entities

    echo htmlspecialchars($comp_row['comp_locationmap']);

    or htmlentities() to convert all characters to HTML entities

    echo htmlentities($comp_row['comp_locationmap']);
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