2010-10-27 23:46
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I run a DV 3.5 server on MediaTemple with Linux CentOS 5, php and mysql DB and am trying to encrypt phone records with AES.

I came across what seems to be good script as PHPAES

but I am not sure of the following:

  1. Where do I actually store the AES Encryption key used to encrypt and decrypt the phone number?

  2. How do I call on the AES encryption key when a user submits their data via form and stores into our MySQL database?

  3. When I want to descrypt that information for our internal customer service agents - how do they in turn call on the AES key?

I realize this is probably very simple but please don't insult. I am trying to learn best practice for how to move forward with any type of encryption whatsoever. Something (to this point) we have not had need for.

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我使用Linux CentOS 5,php和mysql DB在MediaTemple上运行DV 3.5服务器,我正在尝试加密电话记录 用AES。

我偶然发现了 PHPAES 。 p>


  1. 我在哪里实际存储用于加密的AES 加密密钥 和 解密电话号码?

  2. 当用户提交数据 via表格并存储到我们的MySQL database中时,如何调用AES encryption key?

  3. 当我想为我们的内部客户服务代理解密该信息时 - 他们如何依次调用AES密钥?

    我意识到这可能很简单,但请不要侮辱。 我正在尝试学习如何推进任何类型的加密的最佳实践。 我们没有必要的东西(到目前为止)。

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