2015-06-12 09:54

php - 将数据从一个php页面发送到另一个php页面并使用新数据刷新它


i'm trying to the following:

I have 1 page that is called request.php that receives a post from a webhook of hipmob



$entityBody = file_get_contents('php://input');
$post_data = $_POST;

$data = json_encode($post_data, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT);

$file = 'webhook.txt';

$current = file_get_contents($file);

file_put_contents($file, $data);


Example output:

    "app": "eba978375b294260bd884a72afd5eb75",
    "appname": "Worten Suporte",
    "event": "chat.message",
    "started": "2015-06-12T08:32:56+00:00",
    "ip": "",
    "platform": "Windows\/Chrome",
    "version": "43",
    "timestamp": "2015-06-12T09:32:36+00:00",
    "body": "mensagem",
    "properties": "{\"as\":\"text\"}",
    "id": "70acc6b20cbc44f18f99e2e922130904",
    "email": "",
    "visits": "1",
    "locale": "pt",
    "userdata:context": "viewing file:\/\/\/C:\/Users\/hp\/Desktop\/chattest.html title: ;url: file:\/\/\/C:\/Users\/hp\/Desktop\/chattest.html",
    "state": "",
    "signature": "622869e9210ba4599e95322cafd7f8123552375b44314e502ceb53972f9bfadb1a49d965f3102d8f30028690bc606632c6878e4ff95003ec15c0ea2749a8bd84"

I want to know if its possible everytime i receive a post in this page i get a notification in other page let's say:


and refresh it with the new data

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  • duanpin9531 duanpin9531 6年前

    You should store the data you received from hipmob in a database with lets say a flag 'seen'.

    Then you could create an AJAX call from the example.php page to get notifications that haven't been seen yet in the database and the refresh the data based on that.

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  • donglongqiao9595 donglongqiao9595 6年前

    To do that you need to maintain last inserted row with a visibility flag.

    After that you will have to call ajax (on example.php) after a particular interval by using settimeout. In that ajax call you can compare the visibility flag and refresh the page.

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