2013-01-14 20:47
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PHP - 在Laravel中使用参数进行路由

I'm trying to create a RESTful API using Laravel.

In my routes.php:

Route::get('/accounts/(:any?)', array('as'=>'account_index', 'uses'=>'accounts@index'));

My controller:

class Accounts_Controller extends Base_Controller {
public $restful = true;

public function get_index($id = null) {
        return Response::json(Account::all());
    return Response::json(Account::find($id));

I get 404 responses when I try any request accounts/##, but accounts works just fine. When I change my route to something that isn't accounts like:


My routing works as expected, and on top of that requests sent to accounts still work as well. Is it because I'm using get_index for my function name, so that it reverts to using the standard http://localhost/controller/method/arguments?

EDIT I have controllers being auto-detected:

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  • du8980919 2013-01-14 20:51

    When you define routes, the order in which these routes are defined matters. Laravel uses regular expressions to match the requested URI against these patterns, and the first one to match is used with no further processing.

    Route::controller('accounts') is effectively matching accounts/(:any?)/(:any?)/(:any?) etc. If you were to test the url accounts/index/12 You would get the expected result.

    Route::get('/accounts/(:any?)', array('as'=>'account_index', 'uses'=>'accounts@index'));
    Route::controller( Controller::detect() );

    Hope this helps.

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