2017-07-10 06:07
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Golang HTTP服务器请求异步还是同步?

I have a RESTful API in Golang that my Angular website calls.

Does the Go http module by default handle requests in sequence or concurrently?

Also, if my HandlerFunc in Go calls a python script, would concurrent calls to this HandlerFunc spawn multiple python processes, or would they be blocked till one is complete?

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我在Angular网站调用的Golang中有一个RESTful API。

默认情况下,Go http模块是按顺序还是同时处理请求?


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  • dtzh131555 2017-07-13 11:05

    Yes, by default all http requests can be executed concurrently.

    If you are executing a python script, then indeed a separate process will be spawned and they will execute concurrently.

    Please note that this carries the potential risk of spawning too many processes and running out of resources.

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