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Is it possible to define an immutable struct in Golang? Once initialized then only read operation on struct's field, no modification of field values. If so, how to do that.

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    dqzuo0327 dqzuo0327 2017-12-04 12:03

    It is possible to make a struct to be read-only outside of package by making it's members non-exported and providing readers. For example:

    package mypackage
    type myReadOnly struct {
      value int
    func (s myReadOnly) Value() int {
      return s.value
    func NewMyReadonly(value int) myReadOnly{
      return myReadOnly{value: value}

    And usage:

    myReadonly := mypackage.NewMyReaonly(3)
    fmt.Println(myReadonly.Value())  // Prints 3
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  • dongzha2525 dongzha2525 2017-12-04 12:50

    There is no way to mark fields/variables as read only in a generic way. The only thing you could do is marking fields/variable as unexported (first letter small) and provide public getters to prevent other packages editing variables.

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