2016-09-15 09:53
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golang exec后台进程并获取其pid


I want to run a command that puts itself into the background. If it makes it more possible, then I'll run the command in foreground and bring it into the background by myself.


When the process runs in background: how can I get it's pid using Go?

I tried the following:

cmd := exec.Command("ssh", "-i", keyFile, "-o", "ExitOnForwardFailure yes", "-fqnNTL", fmt.Sprintf("%d:", port, port), fmt.Sprintf("%s@%s", serverUser, serverIP))
pid := cmd.Process.Pid

This returns instantly and leaves ssh running in the background. But it's pid is not the pid of the running ssh process. Moreover, it's the pid of the parent ssh process before it forked and backgrounded itself.

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