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I am able to get the following command to open a new terminal and execute the command when I directly input it inside a terminal, but I can not get it to work when I use the exec.Commmand function in go.

osascript -e 'tell application "Terminal" to do script "echo hello"'

I think the issue lies within the double and single quotes, but I am not exactly sure what is causing the error.

c := exec.Command("osascript", "-e", "'tell", "application", `"Terminal"`, "to", "do", "script", `"echo`, `hello"'`)
if err := c.Run(); err != nil {
     fmt.Println("Error: ", err)

As of now the code is returning Error: exit status 1, but I would like the code to open a terminal window and execute the command.

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当我在A中直接输入终端时,我能够获得以下命令以打开新终端并执行该命令 终端,但当我在go中使用exec.Commmand函数时却无法正常工作。

  osascript -e'告诉应用程序“ Terminal”执行脚本“ echo hello  “'

我认为问题出在双引号和单引号之内,但我不确定是什么引起了错误。 \ n

  c:= exec.Command(“ osascript”,“ -e”,“'tell”,“ application”,`“ Terminal”`,“ to”,“ do”,“ script”,  '“ echo`,`hello”'`)
if err:= c.Run();  err!= nil {
 fmt.Println(“ Error:”,err)

到目前为止,代码正在返回错误:退出状态1 ,但是我希望代码打开终端窗口并执行命令。

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