2018-08-29 11:49
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如何将io.Reader转换为io.ReadCloser? [重复]

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I have an io.Reader that doesn't require closing:

stringReader := strings.NewReader("shiny!")

And I want to pass it to a method that receives an io.ReadCloser

func readAndClose(source io.ReadCloser) {

How do I turn the io.Reader into a io.ReadCloser without specially creating a struct that implements the Close method?


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  • Golang io / ioutil NopCloser 2个答案

    我有一个 io.Reader 不需要关闭: \ n

      stringReader:= strings.NewReader(“ shiny!”)

    我想将其传递给接收 io.ReadCloser

      func readAndClose(源io.ReadCloser){
       \  n 

    如何将 io.Reader 转换为 io.ReadCloser ,而无需专门创建实现 Close 方法的结构 ?

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  • douhuo1738 2018-08-29 11:49

    If you're certain that your io.Reader doesn't require any actual closing, you can wrap it with an ioutil.NopCloser.

    From the godoc:

    NopCloser returns a ReadCloser with a no-op Close method wrapping the provided Reader r.

    So we can apply it like:

    stringReader := strings.NewReader("shiny!")
    stringReadCloser := ioutil.NopCloser(stringReader)
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