2015-12-09 06:21
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I am new to golang, and got stuck at this. I have an array of structure:

Users []struct {
   UserName string 
   Category string
   Age string

I want to retrieve all the UserName from this array of structure. So, output would be of type:

UserList []string 

I know the brute force method of using a loop to retrieve the elements manually and constructing an array from that. Is there any other way to do this?

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我是golang的新手,因此被困在这里。 我有一个结构数组:

 用户[] struct {

我想从此结构数组中检索所有用户名。 因此,输出的类型为:

  UserList [] string 

我知道 使用循环手动检索元素并从中构造一个数组。 还有其他方法吗?

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  • doude4924 2015-12-09 08:38

    Nope, loops are the way to go.

    Here's a working example.

    package main
    import "fmt"
    type User struct {
        UserName string
        Category string
        Age      int
    type Users []User
    func (u Users) NameList() []string {
        var list []string
        for _, user := range u {
            list = append(list, user.UserName)
        return list
    func main() {
        users := Users{
            User{UserName: "Bryan", Category: "Human", Age: 33},
            User{UserName: "Jane", Category: "Rocker", Age: 25},
            User{UserName: "Nancy", Category: "Mother", Age: 40},
            User{UserName: "Chris", Category: "Dude", Age: 19},
            User{UserName: "Martha", Category: "Cook", Age: 52},
        UserList := users.NameList()
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  • dsapkqaduj6718493 2015-12-09 06:27

    No, go does not provide a lot of helper methods as python or ruby. So you have to iterate over the array of structures and populate your array.

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  • dthdlv9777 2019-08-23 12:08

    No, not out of the box.

    But, there is a Go package which has a lot of helper methods for this.

    If you import this you could use:

    From(users).SelectT(func(u User) string { return u.UserName })

    This package is based on C# .NET LINQ, which is perfect for this kind of operations.

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