2017-09-21 20:03
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使用os.getenv在golang中声明常量。结果“在os.Getenv(“ MY_SECRET”)不是常量的常量初始化程序”中

If I declare constants as the following I get the error 'const initializer in os.Getenv("MY_SECRET") is not a constant'. Why is this?

New to Go and I see the return type of Getenv is a string, but I don't understand why this wouldn't work as a constant.

const (
    secret     = os.Getenv("MY_SECRET")
    key        = os.Getenv("MY_KEY")

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如果我将常量声明为以下内容,则会在os.Getenv(“ MY_SECRET”)中得到错误'const initializer 不是一个常数”。 为什么会这样?


 secret = os.Getenv(“ MY_SECRET”)
 key = os.Getenv(“ MY_KEY”)
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  • douke1954 2017-09-21 20:11

    Just like the error says, a constant must have a constant value. You cannot set it to the return of a function. It must be evaluated at compile time (e.g. a string literal). If you want to store the values of environment variables looked up at run time, you'll have to store them in variables, not constants.

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