2012-07-09 09:04


I'm using Go (6g) to compile a GTK application and I want to know if there is a compiler/linker option to make it a Windows executable as opposed to console executable. MinGW has a -mwindows option for this and currently I'm having to manually alter the PE header with a hex editor which is annoying.

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  • dpp10181 dpp10181 9年前

    -ldflags 'flag list' arguments to pass on each 5l, 6l, or 8l linker invocation

    Compile packages and dependencies

    -Hwindowsgui (only in 6l/8l) Write Windows PE32+ GUI binaries

    Command ld

    Add -ldflags -Hwindowsgui to the go build/get/install command line. For example,

    go build -ldflags="-Hwindowsgui" gtkapp.go
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