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Using go on Windows I have a syscall.Handle called sock that I want to bind to an address specified in a syscall.Sockaddr structure called "sa".

How do I fill out the syscall.Sockaddr structure so that I can later use it with syscall.Bind?

BTW, sock is a raw socket.

var sa syscall.Sockaddr // how to fill out this structure with my ip address???

e := syscall.Bind(sock, sa)

if e != nil {
    fmt.Println("bind error", e)

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  var sa syscall.Sockaddr //如何用我的IP地址填写此结构?  ?
e:= syscall.Bind(sock,sa)
if e!= nil {
 fmt.Println(“ bind error”,e)
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  • doulue7522 2013-01-15 04:17

    A good rule of thumb when you're unsure of something in go is "check the source", especially where the syscall stuff is concerned. I suspect the lack of documentation is semi-intentional because as previously mentioned, it's not the recommended interface - better to use the net package for a portable solution :)

    Once you get to the source ($GOROOT/src/pkg/syscall/syscall_windows.go), you'll notice that Sockaddr isn't a struct at all:

    type Sockaddr interface {
            sockaddr() (ptr uintptr, len int32, err error) // lowercase; only we can define Sockaddrs

    So lets look for structs that implement this interface:

    func (sa *SockaddrInet4) sockaddr() (uintptr, int32, error) {
    func (sa *SockaddrInet6) sockaddr() (uintptr, int32, error) {
    func (sa *SockaddrUnix) sockaddr() (uintptr, int32, error) {

    The Inet6 and Unix implementations are just stubs in the version I'm looking at (1.0.2), but SockaddrInet4 is ready to go:

    type SockaddrInet4 struct {
            Port int
            Addr [4]byte
            raw  RawSockaddrInet4

    Just need to fill in Port and Addr.

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