2014-09-09 13:19


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Template.ParseGlob("*.html") //fetches all html files from current directory.
Template.ParseGlob("**/*.html") //Seems to only fetch at one level depth

Im not looking for a "Walk" solution. Just want to know if this is possible. I don't quite understand what "pattern" this expects. if i can get an explanation about the pattern used by ParseGlob that would be great too.

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  • duanju7199 duanju7199 7年前

    The code text/template/helper.go mentions

     // The pattern is processed by filepath.Glob and must match at least one file.

    filepath.Glob() says that "the syntax of patterns is the same as in Match"

    Match returns true if name matches the shell file name pattern.

    The implementation of Match() doesn't seem to treat '**' differently, and only consider '*' as matching any sequence of non-Separator characters.
    That would mean '**' is equivalent to '*', which in turn would explain why the match works at one level depth only.

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  • doujiangqu2823 doujiangqu2823 3年前

    So, since the ParseGlob can't load templates recursively we have to use path/filepath.Walk function. But this way gives more opportunities.


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