2018-07-04 14:43



From the documentation:

When query with struct, GORM will only query with those fields has non-zero value, that means if your field’s value is 0, '', false or other zero values, it won’t be used to build query conditions.

Here is an example of what I am trying to do :

type Dog struct {
  ID uuid.UUID
  OwnerID *uuid.UUID

The owner ID pointer may be nil.

db.Where("owner_id", nil).Find(&dogs)

But that returns all dogs (I expected this from the doc). I tried doing:

db.Where("owner_id", "NULL").Find(&dogs)

But that returns an empty list.

Is there a way to explicitly search for a NULL value field?

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  • douchang8219 douchang8219 3年前

    According to the docs, this should work:

    db.Where("owner_id IS NULL").Find(&dogs)
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  • dongpu5874 dongpu5874 3年前

    You were close in your original attempt. You can also achieve your desired result by writing the query as below.

    db.Where("owner_id = ?", "NULL").Find(&dogs)
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