dongzi4030 2016-11-28 06:29
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I am new to golang. I learned that go get serves as a package manager and contact remote repos with various version control systems.

So, given a package import path, how does go get decide which VCS to use? I always see below query string in the reqeust:


So seems some protocol/convention here?

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  • donglu5041 2016-11-28 06:43

    One of the nice things about Go is that everything is in, well, Go :-) Including almost all of the standard library and tools.

    In cmd/go/vcs.go we can see how this is done, and in cmd/go/alldocs.go it is documented.

    Specifically, look at repoRootForImportPath:

    // repoRootForImportPath analyzes importPath to determine the
    // version control system, and code repository to use.
    func repoRootForImportPath(importPath string, security securityMode) (*repoRoot, error) {

    What this does is:

    1. vcsPaths holds a static lists of "known hosts". For some (e.g. GitHub) this is easy and we can just set the VCS. For others (e.g. BitBucket) a callback function is used which examines the URL to see which repo can be used.

    2. If that fails, it tries to look at a "VCS extension" in the path, such as or

    3. And finally go get will look for a go-import meta tag, which looks like:

      <meta name="go-import" content=" git">

      Also see parseMetaGoImports(). Vanity Imports with Hugo is a nice introduction on how to use this.

    There is no real "auto-detection" mechanism. So if you repo lives at then go get will not work. You need the extension or meta tags.

    The go-get=1 parameter is added so that it's easy for website builders to see that this is a request from go get, which may be useful in some cases.

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