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I am writing a linting tool; one of the rules enforces that all linked files have lowercase filenames on disk, ie:

  • some/asset.png == OK
  • another/asset.PNG == Fail

I was hoping to validate this rule with the following code:

f, err := os.Stat("another/asset.png")
actualName := f.Name()

However the retun value of f.Name() always reflects the value passed to os.Stat(), eg: passing os.Stat("foo.BAR") will yield foo.BAR even if the file is named foo.BaR on disk.

Am I just approaching this problem wrong? Is there another way to get the actual, case-sensitive filename on disk for a given filepath?


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我正在编写整理工具; 其中一项规则要求所有链接文件在磁盘上的文件名均为小写,即:

  • some / asset.png == OK
  • 另一个/资产。PNG ==失败

    我希望 使用以下代码验证此规则:

      f,err:= os.Stat(“ another / asset.png”)
    actualName:= f.Name()

    然而, f.Name()的重新调整值始终反映传递给 os.Stat()的值 ,例如:即使文件名为 foo.BaR ,传递 os.Stat(“ foo.BAR”)也会产生 foo.BAR 磁盘。


    谢谢。 还有另一种方法可以在磁盘上获取给定文件路径的 actual 区分大小写的文件名吗?

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