2014-10-12 12:10
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Groovy和Go gvm的共存

I have Groovy GVM installed. Trying to install the Golang version gave

ERROR: Already installed!

The problem is that ~/.gvm already exists.

How do/should you make them both coexist today?

Are there any plans to resolve this conflict?

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我已经安装了Groovy GVM。 尝试安装Golang版本已给出


问题是 〜/ .gvm 已经存在。


有没有解决的计划 会发生冲突吗?

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  • dongtanzhu5417 2014-10-12 12:42

    Issue 82 and issue 103 seem to show there is no immediate plan to resolve that collision.

    You find trace of that folder in:

    You would need to patch the all Go GVM program to make sure .gvm isn't used.

    Update March 2016: as mentioned in issue 82:

    GVM is superseded by gvm command became sdk.

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