2015-12-11 22:17
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如何告诉Sublime Text在HTML内突出显示Go代码?

Sublime Text can highlight HTML. It can highlight Go. I would like to tell Sublime Text 3 to highlight the Go code in between the {{ and }} markers in my HTML to highlight in Go rather than as plain text.

There must be some way to combine the two. I thought surely one of the golang packages on Package Control would address this but I haven't found one that offers an HTML (Go) syntax like GitHub's Atom editor does by default.

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Sublime Text可以突出显示HTML。 它可以突出显示Go。 我想告诉Sublime Text 3在我HTML的 {{</ </ code>和}} </ code>标记之间突出显示Go代码,以在Go中突出显示,而不是纯文本。< / p>

必须有某种方式将两者结合起来。 我以为Package Control上的一个golang软件包肯定会解决这个问题,但是我没有找到像GitHub的Atom编辑器默认那样提供 HTML(Go)</ em>语法的软件包。</ p> </ DIV>

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