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I am mirroring a popular go library in my organizations gitlab's group (for redundancy).

In my code I have: import ( "gitlab.com/org/group/library.git" )

I used this answer for guidance on using go get with a private repository. On my machine go get ./... works because I configured git using the following command:

$ git config --global url.git@gitlab.com:.insteadOf https://gitlab.com/

When I try to build a docker container the command RUN go get ./... fails with the following output:

package gitlab.com/org/group/library.git: cannot download, git://gitlab.com/org/group/library uses insecure protocol

It seems the popular answer from a similar thread or this article is to do something like upload your ssh keys to the docker container. I don't really feel comfortable with that because I don't exactly understand what is doing, or the security implications.

Any insight on how to properly configure my dockerfile or my golang work flow would be of great assistance.

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我正在镜像我的组织gitlab组中一个流行的go库(出于冗余目的)。 \ n

在我的代码中,我有: import(“ gitlab.com/org/group/library.git”)

我使用了此答案有关在私有存储库中使用go get的指导。 在我的机器上, go get ./...可以工作,因为我使用以下命令配置了git:

  $ git config --global url.git  @ gitlab.com:.insteadOf https://gitlab.com/

当我尝试构建docker容器时,命令 RUN进入get ./ ... 失败,并显示以下输出:

  package gitlab.com/org/group/library.git:无法下载,git://gitlab.com  / org / group / library使用不安全的协议

这似乎是类似线程本文的作用是将ssh密钥上传到docker容器。 我对此不太满意,因为我不完全了解正在执行的操作或安全隐患。


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