2018-03-22 16:20

如何使用glide golang安装私人仓库


I am using glide as package management for my golang project. I can't able to get private repositories using glide get

It asks username & password even i give correct credentials, it ended up throwing error. Please suggest any idea.

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  • dongshan9338 dongshan9338 3年前

    It is nothing do with glide or any other package management tools. You have to set create and set gitlab access token in your git http.extraheader.

    Go to your gitlab settings -> access token and create new access token, make sure to copy the token it available only once.

    Then set these git global variables, now you can install private repositories using glide, go get, godep, etc.

    git config --global http.extraheader "PRIVATE-TOKEN: YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"

    git config --global url."".insteadOf ""

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