2015-04-06 20:22
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I've written a simple GAE app that does a Get call to an external API but I'm getting a very strange error:

Get dial tcp: stat /etc/resolv.conf: operation not permitted

On my dev_appserver it works without any problems. So I'm wondering what could be the problem. I'm not using UrlFetch but my own package that uses http.NewRequest and http.DefaultClient.Do

Because of AppEngine restrictions I'm passing my own client to the NewClient call:

func createHttpClient() *http.Client {
    transport := http.Transport{}

    client := &http.Client{
        Transport: &transport,

    return client

client := createHttpClient()
c := mzalendo.NewClient(client)
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  • douxuan4556 2015-04-06 23:17

    On App Engine, you must use a transport created by the urlfetch package. The urlfetch Client function creates a client with an appropriate transport:

    func createHttpClient(r *http.Request) *http.Client {
        return urlfetch.Client(appengine.NewContext(r))
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