2019-07-28 13:29
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Google App Engine上的Golang App调用Python脚本

I would like to build an app written in Go and host it on Google App Engine. I would like it to call some Python scripts which were written for another app (and therefore not need to rewrite that code in Go).

As far as I have seen, the Google App Engine specifies the language of the app (i.e. runtime Go in that case) but it is not clear if that app could also run some Python script. Could anyone let me know if this would be possible? If not, what would be the best process? Have a separate Python service called by the Go app - ideally I would like both services to use the same domain name?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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我想构建一个用Go编写的应用并将其托管在Google App Engine上。 我想调用一些为另一个应用程序编写的Python脚本(因此不需要在Go中重写该代码)。

据我所知,Google App Engine 指定应用程序的语言(在这种情况下,即运行时Go),但尚不清楚该应用程序是否还可以运行某些Python脚本。 谁能让我知道这是否可能吗? 如果没有,最好的过程是什么? Go应用有一个单独的Python服务-理想情况下,我希望两个服务都使用相同的域名吗?


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  • dongsuoying9059 2019-07-28 15:36

    I don't think you'll find good support for Python in the Go runtime, or vice versa.

    Your best bet would be to define a custom runtime via Cloud Run -- this will have all the same serverless benefits of App Engine, but will allow you to run code in both languages in the same service.

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