2016-08-29 08:54
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I'm trying to create some random int arrays and write it to a xyz.txt file in Golang.
How to convert ids which is an int array to byte array, as file.Write accepts []byte as a parameter. What is the correct way to achieve writing random integer arrays to a text file.

func main() {
    var id int
    var ids []int
    var count int

    f, err := os.Create("xyz.txt")

    defer f.Close()

    for j := 0; j < 5; j++ {
        count = rand.Intn(100)
        for i := 0; i < product_count; i++ {
            id = rand.Intn(1000)
            ids = append(product_ids, product_id)
        n2, err := f.Write(ids)
        fmt.Printf("wrote %d bytes
", n2)

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